Slim Bodyline provide express slimming bandage . The Arosha wraps use prepacked disposable bandages for optimum hygiene, with each bandage being carefully impregnated with quality ingredients that aids cellulite reduction, toning, moisturising and water retention.

The body wrap is basically a material that has been infused with a powerful botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming to any targeted area of the body. It is an effective solution for adiopose (fatty) tissue, poor skin tone, and fibrous and oedematous cellulite. It also improves water retention to restore dehydrated skin to its normal, smooth and supple condition. Being highly versatile by its very nature, the wrap can be applied to virtually any zone of the body and work its blend of active ingredients into the skin. Breast, décolleté, arms, necks, legs, abdomen and gluteus are all areas where the wrap can deliver immediate and visible improvement. In practice, wraps are customised to body area and purpose and treatment goals. While body wraps are fast emerging as a treatment of choice and are offered by several providers the world over, our dermatologists have selected Arosha of Italy for their custom formulations, based on deep insight and research into the functional biochemistry of the infusion process.

How Arosha Body Wraps work :

Arosha treatments consists of Lifting, Anticellulite and Contouring
functions. This two-step skin lifting and contouring treatment has been specifically created to provide immediate tone, firmness and long-lasting lifting effect as the body is enveloped by a pleasant and comfortable body wrap. The wrap ensures that the skin progressively absorbs the infusion blend. The treatment dissolves stored fat and reduces the contours of the treated area. Specifically speaking, the customised ingredient blend works to reverse
the factors which cause cellulite to present itself, such as blood vessel dilation and fluid retention.

Body dry brushing, which is part of the treatment, stimulates micro
circulation, removes dead skin cells, aids lymphatic drainage and aids penetration of products. The wrap or bandages stay on for about 30 minutes, giving the active ingredients enough time to infuse the skin and start working.


The treatment does not require a recovery period, but to enhance the effect of the treatment, it is worth keeping a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, being physically active, not wearing too tight clothing, using appropriate home care with AROSHA products, which are available on our website:


• circulatory disorders,
• phlebitis,
• heart problems,
• pulmonary problems,
• valves, starter,
• fever,
• dermatological problems,
• diseases during treatment, pregnancy,
• breastfeeding,
• allergies to ingredients in products

Types of bandages in our salon:

AROSHA ADIPOCEL KIT – a program dedicated to the fight against
fibrous cellulite at an advanced stage. It combines various active
ingredients to combat the growth of adipocytes and deformation of
collagen fibers – factors responsible for the appearance of cellulite
lumps on the skin.
AROSHA FIRMING KIT – a program specially designed to lift and
model the figure, give it elasticity, and provide adequate skin
hydration. The set is especially recommended as a treatment after
weight loss. It is perfect for problems with stretch marks and as an
anti-aging treatment.
AROSHA OEDEMACEL KIT – a program designed to fight the
problem of edema cellulite and water cellulite. The unique
combination of active ingredients, acting synergistically, combats the primary causes of cellulite, i.e. vasodilation and intercellular fluid
AROSHA LIPOFIT KIT – a set with a lipolytic effect, intensively
slimming, designed for the problematic part of the body, which is the
stomach. Thanks to concentrates containing a special molecular
synthesis, which works quickly and targeted at adipocytes, activating their metabolism, it allows you to effectively model and reduce abdominal fat.
. – The treatment visibly improves the
appearance of the bust, shapes its shape and enlarges it even by one size! Effectively combats the symptoms of drooping, loss of firmness and elasticity of the bust.