X-Wave® BTL shock wave

The most effective fight against hard cellulite and
local fatty tissue!

Cellulite can have a huge impact on your appearance and well-being
regardless of the stage of development. Many women affected suffer from the appearance of their legs and consequently their quality of life is reduced. Cellulite is associated with a decrease in the transport capacity of lymph vessels. X-Wave BTL accelerates the flow in this system, and stimulates metabolism and the breakdown of fat cells.

This treatment is just for you if you want to:

  • effectively reduce cellulite (even of the 3rd stage)
  • reduce local compact fatty tissue
  • firm the skin

Discover BTL® X-Wave

X-Wave BTL is a revolutionary solution designed for non-invasive skin firming. This system reduces the effects of skin ageing and regenerates and rejuvenates soft tissue. The X-Wave BTL technology is based on the complementary action of acoustic and electric waves. The guarantee of treatment effectiveness is also the effect of the patented head on the designated treatment area. The X-Wave BTL therapy helps in the

formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, thus improving the skin’s elasticity and texture and inhibiting the ageing process. X-Wave BTL is used in firming, skin rejuvenation and anti-cellulite therapy – it perfectly improves cell metabolism – reduces swelling and removes by-products of metabolism.

How does BTL® X-Wave technology work?

Acoustic pulses create vibrations in the connective tissue causing it
to alternately mechanically stretch and relax. The connective tissue
regains elasticity through cell restructuring. This treatment results in improved microcirculation, improved metabolism in the treatment area, elimination of deposits by

decongesting the lymphatic system and the processes of: neo- collagenases – the formation of new densities of collagen strands and

neovascularisation – the formation of capillary vessels. 

Before the treatment: 

Enlarged fat cells are pushed towards the surface of the skin, resulting in a typical orange peel effect. The elasticity-deprived vertical fibres of the connective tissue do not stretch together with the fatty tissue, giving the skin an unsightly appearance. Local blood circulation is significantly reduced. During the treatment: Oscillating acoustic waves are introduced into the body. The connective tissue relaxes and the elasticity of the epidermis increases. Blood circulation in the tissues is significantly improved. Collagen production is stimulated, which strengthens both the epidermis and the dermis.

After the treatment: The result of the acoustic waves is an
improvement in the tension and restoration of the natural elasticity of the skin and connective tissue, resulting in a visible and long- lasting improvement in the appearance of the skin

What is the BTL® X-Wave treatment like?

An integral part of the treatment is conducting a detailed history with
the patient before starting the procedure and ruling out any possible
contraindications. During the consultation at My Spa Expert, precise measurements and a detailed body composition analysis are carried out. The next step is to take photos of the area and assess the thickness of the fatty tissue to determine the extent of cellulite. The therapist begins the treatment using acoustic waves. A gel is applied to the treated area in order to better conduct the waves. The treatment is
not painful and does not require convalescence. After the treatment,
you can return to your daily activities.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful, only in the places where cellulite is very
dense you can feel a slight discomfort.

Is the treatment safe?

The treatment is non-invasive and safe.

What are the results of the BTL® X-Wave treatment?

The effects of acoustic wave therapy with X-Wave BTL are visible
already after the first visit! Already after the first treatment, skin
elasticity increases and cellulite is reduced. For maximum effects, a
series of minimum 6 treatments should be carried out, which will
make the skin firm and smooth, and cellulite will disappear. The best
effects can be seen after 2-3 months after the series of treatments.
– cellulite reduction
– cellular effect: stimulation of cell division, stimulation of production
of cellular cytokines
– increase of blood vessels in muscles and tendons
– improvement of microcirculation and metabolism
– dissolving calcified fibroblasts
– support of collagen production
– reduction of tissue tension
– analgesic effect

How many treatments and how often do we do them?

Already after the first treatment the skin elasticity increases and
cellulite is reduced. To achieve maximum results you should undergo
a series of at least 6 treatments * performed 2-3 times a week, which
will make the skin firm and smooth, and cellulite will disappear.
*the number of treatments is determined individually

How does the skin look like after the treatment?

The skin after the treatment is slightly reddened, small bruises may appear. Immediately after the treatment you can return to daily activities.

What treatments can be combined with the BTL® X-Wave?

The treatment can be performed as an independent therapy or in combination with the T-shape treatment.

What are the recommendations during the series and after the X-Wave BTL® treatments?

To ensure the best possible treatment results, our specialists
recommend following a few important rules:
– After the treatment, we recommend that our clients perform body
lymphatic drainage, which aids in the excretion of broken down fat
cells from the body and oxygenates the tissues.
– Be physically active for at least 20 minutes a day
– Drinking 2 litres of water a day
– A light balanced diet – My Spa Expert has a qualified nutritionist
who will create an effective and tasty diet plan – special prices only
with us!

What are the contraindications to the treatment?

– pregnancy
– lactation (6 months),
– pacemaker, cardiac pacemaker,
– use of anticoagulants,

– inflammation of veins and lymphatic ducts,
– diseases of the cardiovascular system,
– cancer (within 5 years),
– skin and inflammatory lesions,
– multiple sclerosis,
– liver and kidney failure,
– metal implants, cochlear implants in the path of current flow,
– epilepsy,
– menstruation on the day of the treatment (in case of abdominal